Copy design of trash can


As the construction of a civilized society progresses, […]

As the construction of a civilized society progresses, people have made more innovations in environmental protection. In the design and application of trash cans, not only practicability, but also aesthetics has also received widespread attention. The imitative design style of the trash can should be integrated into the surrounding environment, so that the trash can not only maintains its own function, but also weakens the content outside the environment, and plays a role in enriching the landscape. Some well-designed trash bins even play the role of garden sketches. For example, the trash can by the water can be made into a small awning boat or a small lighthouse on the shore.

Trash cans that imitate the natural environment should be found in time by visitors. For example, the trash can logo should be printed on the trash can, and the three words trash can should not be printed, which is ugly. It should be done even if the trash can does not have any text prompts. Someone can also use these signs to clarify the functions of these facilities.

In addition, try to avoid the occurrence of trash cans in the environment that are incompatible with the environment. Trash cans are made of steel, wood, stone, precast concrete, plastic, glass, etc. The trash cans of different materials should be placed in a suitable environment. Like a small mushroom, it was originally a very delicate one. If it is placed on the edge of the lawn or on the side of the road among the trees, it is really a qualified garden sketch. If it is placed on a hard pavement on the side of the road, it has no connection with the environment, and it looks so stiff. There are mushrooms on the paved road, which is inconsistent with the common sense of life.

Among the many urban facilities, the trash can is not considered an important facility and is often not valued by designers. However, in actual use and setting, there are many problems worth thinking about. If these problems are handled properly, it will make urban residents Get more convenience, make the garden design more harmonious and beautiful, and the society develops in a more civilized direction.

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