Unstacking Plastic Pallets Suppliers

Unstacking Plastic Pallets

Unstacking Plastic Pallets

Size:1100×1100×150 mm




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Product Details

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: Hongpai
Product Name: Unstacking Plastic Pallets

Style:Single Face


Quality:High Grade


Usage:Flat Ground Available

Quality Control:100% inspection during production

1. Compressive and Durabl
2. Safe and Reliable
3. Strong load-bearing capacity
4. Hard to break1. Professional design, reasonable structure, huge loading, non-slip process and stable stacking.
5. Hygienic and good appearance; easy to clean, disinfect or dry; friendly to the environment.
6. Full specifications for factories, warehouses, stores, garages, shelves or other places.


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