Design of the trash can opening


The opening form of the trash can, whether it is an upp […]

The opening form of the trash can, whether it is an upper opening or a side opening, should be taken to make it easy for people to pour garbage into a 30-50cm trash can. When designing, pay attention to the different places where trash cans are placed, such as tourist places where people come and go and people are eager to travel. The dustbin should be opened accordingly so that people in a hurry can "throw" into the dustbin and then "throw into the dustbin".

In order to facilitate the disposal of garbage, the direction of the trash can discharge port is generally upward. Lateral and oblique. The trash can has the form of pedal lift cover, push plate and so on. Pedal-type trash cans are suitable for household use, but in public places, they are easily damaged due to the frequent use; push-type trash cans are caused by users worrying about hurting their hands when throwing trash, which leads to garbage clips Between the push plate and the injection port, it is not thrown into the box. It can be seen that the design of the opening of the trash bin should pay attention to its practicability.

Since the smart trash can was put into use, residents have realized contactless disposal. When residents need to put garbage, the door of the discharge port can be automatically opened after sensing. After the garbage bag is put in, the built-in chip can automatically recognize and classify the garbage according to the type of garbage, and play it with voice; when the garbage bin in the bin is full, the system An early warning message will be issued to notify the cleaning staff to replace the new bucket in time, realize contactless disposal, provide convenience for residents to put garbage, and meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.


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