The main types and uses of garbage trucks


Garbage truck is a special vehicle used by the municipa […]

Garbage truck is a special vehicle used by the municipal sanitation department to transport all kinds of garbage. Garbage trucks are required to automatically load and unload the garbage in the garbage cans and have the function of a forklift. Common types of garbage trucks include dump trucks, hook-arm garbage trucks, swing-arm garbage trucks, hanging bucket garbage trucks, compression garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, docking garbage trucks, kitchen garbage trucks, etc. .

1. Swing arm type garbage truck: It is composed of chassis, trash can (bucket), swing arm deceleration buffer cylinder, etc. Its characteristic is that the trash can can be separated from the car body, realizing the combined use of one truck and multiple trash cans.

2. Bucket-type self-loading and unloading garbage truck: It adopts chain and hydraulic cylinder linkage device to realize half-lifting and overturning of garbage, and automatically collects garbage in multiple garbage hoppers into the compartment and can be self-unloaded.

3. Compression garbage truck: adopts mechanical, electrical, hydraulic linkage control system, computer control and manual operating system, and realizes garbage dumping, crushing or flattening, and squeezing the garbage into the compartment through the device such as filler and dozer And compact and shirk.

4. Detachable garbage truck: It is widely used for garbage disposal in urban streets and schools. It can be equipped with multiple garbage hoppers a year, and each garbage point has multiple garbage hoppers. It has self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, and convenient garbage dumping.

5. Sealed dump garbage truck: widely used in urban street garbage disposal, all have a sealed dump function, hydraulic operation, convenient dumping of garbage.

6. Dump-type garbage trucks are also called garbage collection trucks, which can be used to collect domestic garbage regularly along the street. There are garbage input ports on both sides of the garbage compartment, which is suitable for regular garbage collection in living quarters and commercial areas.

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