What are the benefits of trash bin sorting


According to the unified sign formulated by the state, […]

According to the unified sign formulated by the state, domestic waste is re-divided into three categories, which are recyclables, hazardous wastes and other wastes. Recyclables refer to garbage suitable for recycling and resource utilization, including paper, plastic, glass, fabrics, bottles and cans, etc., which are collected in blue garbage containers. Hazardous garbage refers to garbage that contains harmful substances and requires special safe handling, including batteries, Lamps and household chemicals, etc., are collected in red garbage containers, and other garbage means garbage other than classified garbage, which is collected in gray garbage containers.

1. Reduce environmental pollution:

Abandoned batteries contain mercury and other toxic substances, which will cause serious harm to human health; plastic bags are not easy to decompose, and will also cause damage to the soil and reduce crop production, and are usually mistaken by some small animals, resulting in small animals. death of animals.

2. Can turn waste into treasure:

We can make pen holders, flower pots, etc. from the drinking cans, which are both environmentally friendly and resource-saving. Moreover, one ton of cans can be melted into one ton of aluminum blocks, so that we can mine a certain amount of aluminum less, so we must do a good job of sorting garbage and turning waste into treasure.

3. Reduce the work intensity of sanitation workers:

To fully popularize the knowledge of environmental protection and garbage to citizens, so as to enhance the awareness of the sanitation industry. After this understanding, we can also reduce the difficulty of sanitation workers' work by doing a good job of garbage sorting and make the society full of more love and respect.

4. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions:

Reasonable garbage classification can increase the proportion of garbage recycling to a greater extent, which will minimize the demand for raw materials, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving air quality.

5. Efficient use of available resources:

Some substances in garbage can also be converted into resources, such as: food, fabrics, etc., which can be used to produce organic fertilizers; garbage incineration can also be used to generate electricity and heat.

6. Reduce floor space:

In my country, landfill is the most used method of garbage disposal, which will occupy a lot of land resources, and some harmful substances in garbage will also destroy the soil. Therefore, garbage classification can effectively reduce the amount of garbage. produce.

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