Features and disadvantages of trash cans


Floor-type trash can, this new type of trash can is abo […]

Floor-type trash can, this new type of trash can is about the same size as an ordinary open-air trash can, but it is not a traditional plastic material, but a metal one with a lock on it. The ground-type garbage can is buried in the ground, only the box is covered on the ground. When citizens throw garbage, they only need to step on the pedal next to the garbage can, and the lid of the garbage can automatically opens, and citizens can throw garbage in. . So what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Features of floor trash can:

1. The function of opening the receiving box by foot.

2. Four anti-rain functions, anti-odor, anti-fly and anti-digging.

3. The box body of the cleaning box is a metal structure, and the surface of the box body is made of special anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint, which has strong corrosion resistance.

4. The large cover of the box is equipped with a special anti-theft dark lock.

5. The resistance buffer function completely eliminates the impact noise formed when the upper cover of the glove box is closed.

6. Equipped with air transport assist function, which can make the upper cover of the cleaning box open lightly, which is convenient for cleaning garbage and reducing labor intensity.

7. The outer barrel of the underground box and the built-in trash can are made of high-strength plastic, which is durable and has strong impact resistance.

Disadvantages of floor trash cans:

Problem 1: The mouth of the box is small, and you can kick it with your feet when throwing garbage.

Residents feel that since the new type of garbage can, it has indeed played a positive role in improving the environment of the garbage area, becoming tidy, less odor, and fewer mosquitoes and flies in summer. Although the effect is not small, the first batch of users also have their own troubles - they can't throw in without kicking. "As soon as the mouth is so small, the big one simply doesn't throw it in." A resident who was walking his dog told reporters.

Problem 2: The pedal is not slippery, and the elderly are afraid of falling

In addition to the troublesome disposal of large bags of garbage, for some elderly people, it may also be difficult to throw garbage in winter.

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