Several common trash bins of different nature


According to different places of use, garbage cans can […]

According to different places of use, garbage cans can be divided into three different types: public garbage cans, household garbage cans, and medical garbage cans.

1. Public trash can
There are special requirements for the environment of use: it can withstand high and low temperatures under natural outdoor conditions, has sufficient mechanical strength and good impact toughness, and is easy to clean and maintain. Public trash bins are public facilities, used to store garbage and waste, and are often placed in parks, communities, schools, and other outdoor public places. It plays a role in protecting the public environment and has made a significant contribution to the cleanliness of the city.

2. Household trash can
Household trash cans can be said to be a container that "hides dirt" in people’s lives. It is also a reflection of social culture. Most household trash cans have lids to prevent the smell of garbage from dispersing. Some household trash cans can be opened with a foot pedal. Some families will have one in the main room, which is mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom. Try to use a tightly sealed trash can with a lid. Even if you use an open trash can with a plastic bag inside, you should always tie the bag tightly. Trash should be dumped every day, especially fishy trash and bathroom trash, and should not be left in the trash can overnight to prevent the trash from mildew and emit peculiar smells.

3. Medical trash can
It is used to store various solid tangible objects and liquids that are discarded after clinical use. In the clinical laboratory department, patients' blood, body fluids and secretions are mainly used, and there are a small amount of recyclable items. It is mainly used to store the direct or indirect infectious, toxic and other hazardous waste generated by medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities.

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