How to dump the trash can


Garbage bins are common products in the cleaning and sa […]

Garbage bins are common products in the cleaning and sanitation industry. They are widely used in public places such as urban parks, squares, communities, hotels, etc., and are often used in conjunction with garbage transfer stations. According to statistics, there are currently about 300 million trash can applications nationwide.

In the prior art, the garbage bins are generally transferred to the garbage transfer station, the garbage is manually dumped in the garbage transfer station, compressed, and then transferred to the garbage treatment plant. It is manually dumped by sanitation workers into the garbage transfer station. This operation method has the following disadvantages:

Part of the garbage is heavy, labor intensive, and difficult to dump. The garbage in the trash bins and transfer stations is often accompanied by bad smells, harmful gases and other things harmful to the human body. It is harmful to the health of sanitation workers when working in close distance for a long time.

Most urban garbage bins now use garbage trucks to collect and transport garbage. These garbage trucks need to be specially designed to facilitate the operation of the garbage cans. If the garbage cans can be fully automated to lift and dump, they need to be specially designed. On the one hand, it can improve the work hygiene of workers, on the other hand, it also reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

The garbage truck box is equipped with two telescopic oil cylinders for opening and closing the top cover on both sides of the top cover of the truck box, and the lifting rod for lifting the garbage can and the top cover are linked together, using the two on both sides of the top cover The telescopic oil cylinder controls the opening and closing of the upper cover, the upper end of the lifting rod is fixed on the outer edge of the upper cover, and the trash can is lifted by the hinged connecting rod. Although the technical solution disclosed in this patent solves the problem of automatic operation to a certain extent, it still does not achieve complete automation of the operation, especially after the trash can is raised to a certain position, the operator still needs to manually dump the trash. Avoid contact between workers and rubbish. Therefore, there is still room for improvement.


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