The advantages of environmentally friendly trash can


First, various colors, you can choose according to thei […]

First, various colors, you can choose according to their own favorite, can be classified in many different environments.

Second, supporting the bottom of the trash can plastic wheels, so when using direct push-pull, easy to move easy.

Third, the barrel may be nested with each other, to save storage space, easy to transport, while significantly reducing transportation costs.

Fourth, the barrel body and the lid are disposable injection molding, no welding seamless, 100% leak-proof. Barrel body smooth, easy to dump garbage and empty inside and outside the tub washing.

Five, foot-pedal-bins and flip function, to avoid direct contacts due to manpower and vessel pollution caused by secondary pollution and the spread of germs. Put convenient, a good seal.

6. It is injection molded from low-pressure high-density polyethylene. The material itself has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation, and strong impact resistance. Therefore, the barrel has strong corrosion resistance and can withstand various external forces impact, easy to distort, long service life.

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