What are the characteristics of environmentally friendly trash can


You can see environmentally friendly trash cans in our […]

You can see environmentally friendly trash cans in our streets and alleys, which is also indispensable for the beauty of our city. With the existence of environmentally friendly trash cans, we can not only throw garbage anywhere, but also can separate garbage, which is very good for our environmental protection. Environmentally friendly trash cans also meet certain standards during production. Let us tell you Zhejiang environmental protection trash can manufacturer.

Characteristics standard of environmental protection trash can

(1) Use 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP).
(2) The barrel body and the lid are made by injection molding once, which is sturdy and durable.
(3) Brand new raw materials, effectively prevent the corrosion of weak acids and bases.
(4) Seamless structure design, leak-proof structure 100% pass the test.
(5) The inside of the barrel is smooth and clean, reducing the residue of garbage and easy to clean.
(6) The barrel body, box mouth and bottom are specially reinforced and thickened, which can withstand various external forces (such as collision, lifting and falling, etc.).

Because the environmentally friendly trash cans are made of plastic, they must be protected against corrosion during production. After all, a lot of rubbish will become corrosive after decaying. And the production of environmentally friendly garbage bins must be smooth enough to ensure that there will be no residue when dumping garbage.

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