Do you know that plastic trash cans need cleaning too?


Household trash is cleaned out every day, also called a […]

Household trash is cleaned out every day, also called an indoor trash can, because the room has so much trash that the air is polluted. The seemingly clean trash can, which usually contains a large amount of bacteria, bacteria and viruses, is one of the important sources of indoor environment and harmful to human health. Experts suggest that household waste bins should be used for smaller sizes, such as allowing people to clean up garbage regularly. You must also have a cover when buying household waste so that you can buy indoor waste better.

Experts point out that household waste should be removed daily, especially in the bathroom. Because the toilet is wet, the light is dim, and bacteria can easily multiply, it is best to choose a small box. In addition, the use of garbage bags can effectively prevent garbage in the garbage and eliminate pollution. If the garbage bag is damaged, the garbage will overflow into the trash bin, bacteria will be spread, and the garbage will be washed away. When cleaning, clean the leak with a brush, preferably with a disinfectant. After cleaning, wash and clean before using.

From this point of view, the plastic trash can also needs to be cleaned, but many people are very lazy and don't bother to clean it. Here, the United States Industry and Trade reminds you to clean up the supplies around you in a timely manner, so that bacteria will not breed, which is also responsible for your own health.

There is a certain amount of toxic or harmful waste for used batteries, waste fluorescent lamps, silver wastewater thermometers, and expired medicines. Special quiet treatment should be punished, and it is best not to mix it into domestic waste. Clean up the garbage in the room every day and improve the atmosphere of the room. It is our own home that there are all kinds of dust and bacteria in the plastic trash can, not to mention the environmentally friendly trash can is used outdoors. If it cannot be cleaned for a long time, it will be easier to accumulate. A variety of bacteria, especially nowadays, the weather is humid, bacterial fungi are more suitable for survival.

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