Is the material of the plastic trash can environmentally friendly


We know that the use of trash cans is to have a better […]

We know that the use of trash cans is to have a better management effect on environmental protection. So, is the material of plastic trash cans environmentally friendly?

The plastic trash can is made of HDPE (low-pressure high-density polyethylene) with high impact strength as the raw material. Plastic trash cans bring cleanliness, hygiene and environmental protection to cities, community hygiene, and various public places. They are an indispensable cleaning helper in life.

Compared with other types of trash can products, the production time of plastic trash cans is relatively short (usually a plastic trash can can be produced in about 5 minutes), and the body of the plastic trash can is often designed to be telescopic, which affects the logistics and transportation of the product. And storage are reduced by a lot of volume.

Make the plastic trash can more superior to other material trash cans, and the plastic lid is tightly filled, the barrel body will not be deformed for a long time, the box structure will not become fragile and deformed, heat resistance, antifreeze, acid and alkali resistance, the selected raw materials The melting temperature is not less than 120 degrees Celsius, the self-ignition temperature is not less than 350 degrees Celsius, and the softening temperature is not less than 110 degrees Celsius. It can still maintain no chemical reaction with acids and alkalis in high-temperature operations.

Summary of features:
(1) Strong acid, alkali, corrosion and weather resistance;
(2) The rounded corner design of the delivery port is safe and unprofitable;
(3) The surface is smooth and clean, which reduces garbage residue and is easy to clean;
(4) It can be nested on each other, which is convenient for transportation and saves space and cost;
(5) It can be used normally in the temperature range of -30℃~65℃;
(6) There are a variety of colors to choose from, which can be matched according to the classification needs;
(7) It is widely used in various environments, and can also be used for garbage sorting collection, such as property, factory, sanitation, etc.

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