Distinguish the material of plastic trash cans


Sanitation trash cans are produced more frequently in t […]

Sanitation trash cans are produced more frequently in trash can factories and are also a very common item in daily life. Because they are used outdoors for a long time, the quality requirements for them are relatively high. The trash can factory will teach you how to identify their materials today.

The trash can factory uses three main methods to identify sanitation trash cans. The first is to touch. The product feels waxy by hand. It must be a polyolefin material. Secondly, look at the appearance of the product. First, look at the color and transparency of the finished product. The usual transparent finished products include polyethylene and glass plates, and the semi-transparent finished products include polyethylene. Another method is to listen. When you hit with a hard object, the sound is different. The sound of polyethylene is like a metal material, and the sound of the glass plate is thicker and dull.

In the process of selecting the system, you can first use two hands to extrude to the outside, and then check the quality of the barrel. The trash can factory reminds everyone that if the quality of the product is good, then its malleability All are better. Secondly, pay attention to check the thickness of the product. If it is too thin, the service life is not easy to be too long. It is the taste, the taste is more nasty, then this shows that the application is made of recycled materials, and the trash can factory recommends not to choose.

Following the rapid development of high and new technology, the functions and quality of plastic sanitation trash cans are constantly improving. The trash can factory reminds everyone to buy according to their own needs and ability to work in life.

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