Common repair methods for plastic trash cans


When the trash can is put into use, it is often damaged […]

When the trash can is put into use, it is often damaged due to one or another problem. Some damage is possible, and there are many reasons for it. But if you want to use it again, people will repair it. The trash can manufacturer introduces how to repair the trash can:

The repair method is one of the repair methods. The main thing is to prepare special plastic welding rods and plastic hot-air welding guns in advance. The trash can manufacturer heats the cracks and welding rods together to promote the high temperature to melt the trash can body and welding rods, and the welding rods and electric welding connections are bonded together. It is important to note that when the electric welding connection is actually operated, the welding connection surface of the plastic trash can must be cleaned and kept dry, so as to ensure the actual effect of the electric welding connection. In addition, the trash can manufacturer also has a way to repair the cracks in the barrel body, similar to stitching. Use a twist drill to drill rows of small round holes in the cracks of the trash can. The area stitches are finished. The slightly damaged plastic trash can can be used for a while again.

Plastic trash cans can be repaired with adhesives. Perhaps if it is slightly larger, this method is not feasible. The adhesive is not very good, and the method is to use plastic welding to fill it. The trash can manufacturer suggests that you can find some thicker plastic bags and cut them according to the appropriate size, apply glue on the bucket, and stick the plastic bags on after more than ten minutes. People should make sure that it is not easy to paste. All system vulnerabilities can be applied after some time.

In addition, if the actual effect of damage repair is to be stronger, the trash can manufacturer believes that it can be repaired with a fire-roasting method, which is relatively suitable.

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