What parts of the outdoor trash can


Trash cans are very common in life. We can see outdoor […]

Trash cans are very common in life. We can see outdoor trash cans on the square. Outdoor trash cans can be found everywhere in schools, hospitals, and parks.

Generally, outdoor trash bins have a clear classification of garbage. There are two bins. One is marked with red characters for non-recyclable waste, and the other is marked with green characters for recyclable waste. This is also a promotion of resource recycling. The positive performance of, when throwing garbage, some paper garbage, wooden garbage or some beverage bottles can be recycled and reused directly into the recyclable trash can, but if it is some Plastic bags or other non-recyclable garbage are thrown directly into the non-recyclable garbage bin.

Our common trash cans are often made of one kind of material, but outdoor trash cans are not. They are mainly divided into parts made of steel and wooden slats. The entire frame of the trash can is basically made of steel. When the steel surface was made, rust and corrosion were performed on the surface of the steel. The wooden strips used in the outdoor trash can are not made of ordinary wooden strips. The wooden strips of each outdoor trash can need to have certain specifications, and the wet wooden strips cannot be made of trash cans. Before making it, the wooden strips of the trash can need to be dried, and painted in order to be beautiful, and some burrs on the surface of the wooden strips need to be smoothed.

The outdoor trash can looks very simple, but the production is also very particular.

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