What are the colors of the sorted bins


Sorted trash cans can be seen everywhere in our lives. […]

Sorted trash cans can be seen everywhere in our lives. People put correctly sorted garbage into the trash cans, which can reduce the waste of resources and avoid polluting our living environment. The sorted garbage can be reused. For example, kitchen garbage can be used for power generation, and paper, metal, plastic glass, etc., can be recycled after comprehensive treatment, reducing environmental pollution and saving earth resources. I believe that the benefits of correct garbage sorting are familiar to everyone, but do you know the color of garbage sorting bins, do you know what it means?

Red sorting bin: Red represents hazardous substances, including expired medicines, used batteries, paint, cosmetics, etc. and other non-recyclable substances with certain pollution hazards.

Blue sorted garbage bins: represent recyclable garbage, including plastic, paper, metal and other valuable materials. These garbage will be put into the waste recycling system for resource recycling.

Green sorting bin: Green represents kitchen waste, and kitchen waste can be used as nutrients for plants, which can be decomposed and absorbed by plants after being buried.

Gray sorted trash bins: Gray sorted trash bins represent other garbage, including cigarette butts, shells, disposable tableware, polluted paper, textiles, dust, feminine products, etc., waste garbage that is difficult to recycle. This kind of garbage is generally incinerated, buried, etc. ).

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