Trash cans should be qualified by these points


1. Contrasting with the environment, the trash can shou […]

1. Contrasting with the environment, the trash can should be integrated into the application environment. For example, the trash cans in the mountains and forests of tourist attractions are generally made of wood-like materials. The stumps placed between the trees are like a section of residual stumps on the edge of the lawn. ; Another example is the trash can placed on the edge of the garden landscape lawn can be made into small mushrooms or stones, and its decorative design and the actual effect of cleaning the environment are very good.

2. When the trash can was manufactured, the beauty of the trash can should let users understand its main purpose. Even if there is no text reminder on the trash can, many people can understand the function of this equipment at a glance based on this mark. Immediately blending into the environment, doing it in the real world, it's not enough without a significant mark to let users know its efficacy.

3. When the fruit trash can is manufactured, it is necessary to ensure that it is moisture-proof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. If it is necessary to set a bin for storing risky organic chemical objects, the trash can not only maintains its own function, but also weakens the environment. The external content has the effect of rich and colorful garden landscape.

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