The seemingly clean garbage bin is usually contaminated with a lot of bacteria


Household trash cans are cleared once a day, also calle […]

Household trash cans are cleared once a day, also called indoor trash cans. Because they are placed in the room, there is a lot of trash. If the atmosphere of the room is contaminated, the seemingly clean trash can is usually contaminated with a large number of bacteria, germs and viruses, which is an indoor situation. One of the most important sources of pollution is likely to cause harm to human health. Experts suggest that household trash bins should be of smaller capacity, and if allowed, it will remind people to clean up the trash regularly.

When buying a household trash can, you must also have a lid. What is the best way to buy an indoor trash can? Experts say that household garbage should be cleaned up daily, especially the garbage in the bathroom cannot be stored forever. Because the bathroom is often humid and dim, and bacteria are prone to multiply, it is best to choose a small-capacity trash can. In addition, the use of trash bags can effectively prevent trash from remaining in the trash can and eliminate pollution. If the trash bag is damaged and the trash leaks into the trash can, bacteria will multiply, so the trash can should be washed frequently. When washing, use a brush to clean the leaks. It is best to use a disinfectant to disinfect, dry it after washing, and then use it again.


As for waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste water silver thermometers, overdue medicines and other wastes that have certain toxicity or hazards, they need to be treated in a safe manner, and it is best not to mix them in the living waste.

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