The role of sorting trash cans


With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and new e […]

With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and new environmental concepts, the public material civilization and spiritual civilization are constantly driven. Therefore, the role of trash cans in improving the living environment and reflecting the characteristics of the city is particularly important. With the improvement of people's living standards, there are also different requirements for the types and styles of trash cans, such as steel and wood trash cans and environmentally friendly trash cans in parks, steel trash cans and advertising trash cans on the street. With the development of the city and the progress of the society, the trash can has become a beautiful landscape of our living city.

In China in October 2003, the country issued the "Decree on the Regulation of Domestic Waste". The trash cans are re-divided into four categories according to the unified signs formulated by the state, and the wastes thrown into the environmentally friendly trash cans are reclassified into four categories: recyclable waste, non-recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other waste. Recyclables indicate wastes suitable for recycling and capital use, including paper, plastic, glass, fabrics, bottles and cans, etc., collected in blue waste containers; Hazardous wastes indicate wastes containing hazardous substances and requiring special safe handling, including batteries, Lamps and household chemicals, etc., should be collected in red waste containers; other wastes that are not classified should be collected in grey waste containers. The trash cans of different colors represent classified waste, so the classified trash cans are divided like this:

1. Made of excellent engineering materials, durable, light and sensitive, beautiful in appearance, and conducive to environmental protection;

2. Equipped with loaded rear wheels, it can cross steps or steps beside the road, and the surface inside and outside is smooth, which is convenient for emptying waste and cleaning;

3. It is suitable for collecting waste or transferring raw materials in various public places, greatly improving work efficiency;

4. The design is ergonomic, easy to use and flexible in movement;

5. A variety of colors, suitable for different environments and waste classification collection.

Whether it is in terms of its real use value or practical value, or its quality and quotation are outstanding, everyone should classify it first. Regarding the classification of stainless steel trash cans in every family in Japan, they are all silent and selfless dedication. It will appear in front of us when the family needs it most, and we have consciously acquiesced it as a necessities in life and a part of the family.

When the overall change of the sorting trash can completes its own value and surpasses itself, the development momentum can appear. The vast market and boundless development potential have brought an invisible force to life and environmental protection. After several years of changes, according to relevant calculations, classified trash cans have been implemented in all cities, not only in household classification, but also in streets or public places. During this period of rapid development of environmentally friendly waste bins and excellent practical value, classified waste bins will continue to prosper.

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