The problem of trash bins in popular science districts


It has always been a problem to set up trash cans in th […]

It has always been a problem to set up trash cans in the community. There are two trash rooms and eight unit buildings in the community. In addition to the fixed trash cans in the trash rooms, there is also a trash can at the entrance of each unit building. In summer, some owners complained about the smell of trash cans in summer, and the removal of garbage at night affects rest. Then, can the unit door be modified to arrange a fixed harbor placement point? If it is possible, the green belt can slightly alleviate the summer odor. At the same time, can the trash can factory propose a slight change in the removal time? If so, you can consult the majority of the owners to adjust it.

For every 2-3 buildings along the road by neighboring units (the specific figures should still refer to the actual suggestions of the community), it is still recommended to install trash bins, the layout is like a harbor, but if it can't be changed, can the greening near the trash bin be strengthened? But It is recommended to negotiate and adjust the clearing time, and the night does affect rest. In some local communities, the popular "garbage sorting and recycling bins", the subject can pay attention to encourage community residents to classify dry and wet garbage (regularly provide some daily necessities as a reward for the implementation of householders), the specifics will not be expanded, because Personally, I have heard a little bit and have not actually experienced it. This method cures the root cause but takes a long time to appear.

The trash can factory believes that if the director of the owner's committee informs the property to remove the trash can. The owner complained about the inconvenience of throwing garbage in a detour, and even threw the garbage directly in the place where the trash can was placed before, which attracted more complaints. In fact, I personally think that this is not only a problem of optimizing the layout of the trash can, but also a problem of "difficult to adjust". It’s hard to hide the stench if it’s near it (no cover is recommended to replace it), and it’s hard to hide the stench.

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