The meaning of the trash can sign


In life, various signs can be seen everywhere to warn o […]

In life, various signs can be seen everywhere to warn or remind people to abide by the rules. Many trash cans have such a logo, and many recyclable products also have such a logo. There are triangular recycle signs and non-recycling signs. There is also a cartoon-shaped person standing next to the trash can. The signs of throwing trash into the bucket are roughly these three types of signs, and there are other subdivisions that are an extension of these three.

Among them, the circular triangle logo and the non-circular hexagon logo are mostly used for sorting trash cans or directly used on some commodities to indicate their recyclability. The three arrows form a triangular ring, which means that it has been recycled. Means, the other means throwing in non-recyclable garbage; while the cartoon character throwing garbage in the trash can is commonly used in most trash cans, indicating that we must pay attention to environmental protection and do not throw trash casually. Please throw trash into the trash can. This makes no distinction between recyclable and non-recyclable.

In a broad sense, this is in line with the sustainable development strategy provided by the country, and it is also in line with the energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by the world. From a small point of view, these signs remind everyone to pay attention to environmental protection, tidy the surrounding environment, and play a role as a reminder. The logo should be used in accordance with the prescribed name, graphic symbols and colors. The English name can be selected as needed, but no other content should appear in the logo.

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