The importance of waste sorting


Enabling garbage classification to effectively implemen […]

Enabling garbage classification to effectively implement "household promotion" is an important starting point, and it is a major problem. Trash can manufacturers feel that the important steps have not been stabilized, and the results of the work of sorting and solving after the fact, re-engineering and applying will also be greatly affected.

The green garbage bags are used for food waste, and the light yellow garbage bags are used for other sorting garbage. The marks are prominent, simple and easy to use, and the cornerstone of classification is immediately deepened to the household. The key to garbage sorting equipment in some large cities is the centralized garbage cans in residential communities, and the terminal devices are not kept in the household registration. Residents must prepare garbage bags in advance. This lack of a connected "final door" has caused many residents to facilitate the promotion of mixed placement, causing the name of the classified garbage bin to be inconsistent with the truth.

According to the relationship between the QR code on the garbage bag and the household of residents, even if there is not necessarily a strict punishment method, it also constitutes an invisible supervision, which promotes every household to maintain its own brand image in the home. Trash can manufacturers have similar feelings. They do not write themselves on the waste, and it is not easy to be recognized as littering. Sometimes a fluke takes the advantage, and it is very easy to "not because of goodness and smallness". If you carry your own QR code on the garbage bag, and each bag of waste is traced, you will establish your own obligation and try to complete it as seriously as possible.

Manufacturers of trash cans feel that garbage sorting improves the concept of publicity. When everyone uses uniform garbage bags for garbage sorting, under the psychological factor of herd effect, everyone tends to be consistent with the group, and very few people will actively destroy the standards. Some opinions emphasize that 21-day repetition will produce habit, and 85-day repetition will produce stable habit. If the continuity of the current policy is maintained, the residents will of course gradually cultivate the awareness and habit of actively maintaining the natural environment for a happy life.

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