The difference in material between environmental protection trash can and ordinary trash can


The wholesale of environmentally-friendly trash bins ha […]

The wholesale of environmentally-friendly trash bins has become very popular today. Whether it is a lively street community or a residential area, if the area where many people have themed activities is caused by waste, it is inevitable that there will be trash cans. Today, we will popularize environmental protection trash cans wholesale products for everyone. The difference between the material and the general trash can. At many times, the application of environmental sanitation trash cans was a relatively sound method, showing a large number of differences in raw materials.

People often see large and medium-sized environmental sanitation trash cans with a sealed lid structure on the walkway. This type of trash can has a tightly sealed lid, tight sealing, no gaps around it, and a stable structure and not easy to deform. It has good temperature resistance and certain frost resistance and corrosion resistance. The raw material melting temperature is higher than 120℃, the automatic ignition temperature is higher than 350℃, and the softening temperature is higher than 110℃. It is resistant to high temperature, sun exposure and chemical corrosion.

The wholesale characteristics of the environmentally friendly trash can make its application scope more common. It is often seen in campuses, urban streets and communities, tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban squares and other mass places where various passenger flows. Is its characteristic.

The implementation of the marketing and promotion of environmental protection trash cans is a reflection of environmental protection. The trash cans are not easy to move. Everyone actively develops the basic construction of the urban natural environment and treats people sincerely. Learn from garbage.

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