The difference between the body part and the inner part of the trash can


Plastic trash cans are an inseparable environmental pro […]

Plastic trash cans are an inseparable environmental protection facility in cities. They are used to store waste and garbage, and are usually placed in parks, communities, schools, and other outdoor public places. It plays a role in protecting the public environment and has made outstanding contributions to the cleanliness of the city.

The body part of the public trash can:

1. It is formed by bending steel plate.

2. Cut and weld according to their respective characteristics, and carry out some adjustment procedures.

3. Pickling, sandblasting and electrostatic spraying are carried out after grinding and dusting the product.

1. Specifications and drying treatment (natural drying or steam drying) required to turn logs into chair bars

2. Then carry out a series of post-processing procedures to ensure the smoothness of the chair bar before paint treatment can be carried out.

3. After spraying the wood with primer several times, sand it, remove the burr on the surface of the wood, and then spray the paint.

The inner part of the public trash can:

1. Made of high quality galvanized thin iron sheet.

2. Put the thin iron sheet of specific size on the punching machine for punching.

3. Take samples for inspection by sampling inspection.

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