The difference between a trash bin and a trash can


Green and environmentally friendly leather suitcases ar […]

Green and environmentally friendly leather suitcases are common on the street. In our daily travels, environmentally friendly peel boxes can help us put garbage in. In fact, there is still a certain difference between the production method of environmentally friendly peel jars and ordinary plastic trash cans.

What are the standards for environmentally friendly bins?

The composition of the environmentally friendly trash box is complicated. Most environmentally-friendly fruit bins are based on a large amount of resin and add a variety of additives to improve the performance of the mixture. The environmentally friendly trash box is mainly made of resin, which can be combined with various functional additives to form an adhesive. Setting standard for appearance of environment-friendly trash box: The color of environment-friendly trash box should be gray, which is in harmony with the surrounding scenery. Standard for the number of environmentally friendly trash bins: The number of layers of trash bins is calculated according to the community you live in. Generally speaking, a peel environmental protection box is placed about 50-100 meters away from the road in the area at the entrance of the building. The number of residents within a radius of 1 km should be considered to exceed 7 floors. If the density of the building increases, the peel environmental protection box should be Place 50 meters.

The height standard of the environmentally friendly trash bin: The input size of the environmentally friendly trash bin is convenient for pedestrians to place garbage. The garbage can be placed on the top or around it, and it is open, with a height of 80-110 cm.

Standard of environmentally-friendly trash box: The inner tank of the environmentally-friendly trash box shall be subject to the volume, and the capacity shall not exceed 600 liters. The outer box should be loosely matched with the inner tank.

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