How to extend the service life of trash cans


In daily life, we can see all kinds of trash cans, whic […]

In daily life, we can see all kinds of trash cans, which are widely used in streets, parks, residential quarters...Its main materials are divided into: FRP (composite trash cans), steel-wood structure trash cans, stainless steel materials Trash cans, metal-sprayed plastic waste bins, plastic waste bins, etc. So how to effectively extend the service life of the trash can during use?

First of all, when buying, choose a trash can with a better material, which is more durable. A stainless steel dustbin is a good choice.

Secondly, we must learn to use the trash can correctly. When transporting or disposing of the trash, handle it with care. Do not throw away corrosive things. Keep the trash box dry. Only by cherishing the trash can can it be better. Serve us.

Although the classification of stainless steel trash cans is very effective in theory, in fact, because people refuse to distinguish the concept of classification, it is difficult to completely classify. This requires people to have a certain environmental awareness, and a certain understanding of stainless steel classification trash cans can be achieved. Better results.

Steel-wood sanitation garbage bins are made of high-density logs, high-quality imported anti-corrosion wood, imported mountain camphor wood or ash wood. The material of the steel-wood sanitation trash can is hard, not easy to be damaged and warped and deformed, which can reduce the parasitism, reproduction and erosion of organisms and microorganisms, and effectively extend the service life of the wood of the steel-wood sanitation trash can in the outdoor environment. The steel-wood sanitation dustbin has anti-corrosion and anti-moth-resistance, and the surface is treated with multi-layer protection, which is durable.

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