How much garbage is needed for garbage classification


Nowadays, garbage classification is advocated. How shou […]

Nowadays, garbage classification is advocated. How should we deal with the garbage classification in our family? Need to prepare several trash cans for sorting?

Some people think that the more trash cans at home, the better, so that garbage can be placed more conveniently. In fact, this view should be wrong. The amount of garbage generated by each household should be stable, and it will not suddenly increase or decrease in large quantities. Too many trash cans at home will make the garbage stay longer at home, and it is easy to produce bacteria and microorganisms, which will cause harm to the environment at home and even cause diseases.

At home, you only need to prepare 3-4 trash cans, one in the kitchen for kitchen and toilet waste, one in the bathroom, and one in the living room for household waste. Or it can be classified like this: trash cans for paper products, trash cans for hazardous waste, trash cans for recyclables, and trash cans for waste with no use value. The latter's trash cans are placed in a more scientific way to facilitate garbage collection and classification.

The garbage generated by dumping every day is conducive to environmental sanitation and can reduce the harm of garbage. Only by having a good environment can you have a healthy body and a happy mood. Distribute trash cans reasonably and live a healthy life every day.

Garbage bins also need to be cleaned regularly, especially in the hot summer!

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