Guidelines for the placement of trash bins in the community


Although there are no express regulations on the placem […]

Although there are no express regulations on the placement of trash bins in residential areas, the placement design of such public facilities also has certain principles, which must satisfy people's convenience without affecting people's travel.

1. Because the layout of each community is different, and the placement of trash cans is generally set by the community property management office. Basically, each unit building must set up a trash can, and try to place it at a distance of about 10 meters. This is not only convenient for residents, but also can prevent the smell of garbage from spreading out and affecting the residents.

2. Trash cans with large capacity such as 180L and 240L should be selected, so as to meet the large amount of domestic garbage produced by the community personnel. You should also choose a trash can with a flip-top pedal opening method, which is more convenient to use and can prevent odors from dispersing and affecting the senses.

3. The trash can should be placed in a place with shades such as trees, so as not only to avoid faster erosion of the trash can under the sun and rain, but also to avoid the increase of garbage odor under high temperature exposure, which affects the lives of residents in the community. It is necessary to avoid blind paths and various functional areas for placement, so that it will not affect residents' walking and activities.

4. Trash cans in the community should be placed in the aisle, especially in places with high traffic such as entrances and exits, which are convenient to use. Try to put some good-looking trash cans on both sides of the road in the community.

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