Considerations for the purchase of trash cans


The use of trash cans is increasing, especially for som […]

The use of trash cans is increasing, especially for some property management personnel and some environmental management personnel whose sanitation management in hotels has reached the street level. It is not only necessary to buy large-capacity trash cans, but also high-quality ones. At the same time, I hope the price can be more favorable.

In the actual purchase, it is necessary to clarify several factors of purchase considerations:
First of all, it must be corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, and impact-resistant. Many of the garbage is liquid and it is impossible to not corrode. Because of the outdoor, many external unpredictable impacts and impacts must be considered in the purchase.
Secondly, because it is used outdoors, it is necessary to choose the style of outdoor trash cans according to the specific environment, so that it can play a better environmental protection effect. Just use the normal ones.

1. Look at the quality of the material and board of the trash can (the stainless steel is selected as the main anti-corrosion, and the iron is based on whether there is a good baking varnish. The wooden one is estimated to be used in the residential area. The main reason is the texture of the wood. Not good, wooden ones will break faster than iron ones)

2. Check the welding parts of the trash can (whether the connection and welding between each part are closely connected, and many unqualified products are the problem)

3. Look at the color level of the trash can (look at the uniformity and coverage of the paint)

4. Look at the credibility of the store you want to buy (with a good reputation and good reputation, you can buy it without worry)
If you want to choose a plastic trash can, there are two materials: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene). The choice is as follows:
Choose quality,
1. Color; bright and without impurities.
2. Glossiness; not oily, but self-shining.
3. A sense of transparency; the barrel body looks bright and has no black spots.

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