Attention to the use of garbage bins in winter


As the temperature in winter continues to drop, people […]

As the temperature in winter continues to drop, people pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of sanitation waste bins. Due to the diverse materials of trash cans, we will separately discuss the precautions for winter use of trash cans of different materials:

In winter, the temperature is low, for some plastic products, it is easy to become more brittle, so that it is easy to break. Taking into account the characteristics of the climate and environment in winter, manufacturers of sanitation plastic waste bins must strictly require the raw materials of the waste bins to enhance the low temperature adaptability of the waste bins to ensure that they can maintain normal work in the cold winter, thereby providing protection for the sanitation work.

In winter, the temperature is low. Residents in some places still use coal for heating. After coal is burned, the slag produced has a certain temperature. Some residents directly dump the high-temperature slag into the trash can, which can easily lead to plastics. The melting of the dustbin. Even stainless steel trash cans can cause damage to the box due to high temperature, which will not only cause damage to the trash can, but also have the risk of fire.

Some residents pour a large amount of liquid substances into the trash can, which is easy to freeze into ice, which is not easy to clean up, and it is also easy to cause the trash can to freeze and crack. Therefore, people must drain the water before throwing it into the trash that contains a lot of liquid. In the trash can.

In winter, in order to speed up the melting of snow and ice on the roads, snow melting agents and salt are often sprayed, and the roadside stainless steel trash cans may be corroded by the snow melting agents, so protection should be emphasized.

In order to ensure the normal work and service of the garbage bins in winter, the sanitation staff has also strengthened the maintenance and publicity work in the winter, and do a good job in the fire prevention, care, and maintenance of the sanitation plastic garbage bins. It is forbidden to move, damage or pour into the garbage bins without authorization. High-temperature slag, a large amount of liquid substances, etc., ensure the safe use of sanitation plastic garbage bins.

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