What is the material of the outdoor trash can


Outdoor trash cans are a kind of public facility used t […]

Outdoor trash cans are a kind of public facility used to store garbage and waste, and are often placed in parks, roadsides, communities, schools, and other outdoor public places.

In today's life, trash cans are scattered all over the streets and alleys of the city, and have also developed into the countryside. It has brought great convenience to people's garbage disposal and environmental protection in cities and rural areas. Then, in our life, the material of outdoor trash cans What?

Outdoor trash cans can be divided into plastic trash cans, metal outdoor trash cans, wooden outdoor trash cans, and environmentally friendly pulp trash cans, cement trash cans, and fiberglass peel boxes.

1. Plastic trash can: Its production process is to inject plastic particles into the mold after heating at high temperature, and the plastic trash can can be customized according to the needs of customers, and the size of the trash can can be according to different occasions. Can be injection-molded trash cans of different sizes.

2. Metal outdoor trash cans: mainly include steel plate, paint and stainless steel, etc. The main advantage of metal trash cans is high durability, and they can be recycled and reused after damage, so metal trash cans are also called environmentally friendly trash cans. However, because steel is relatively easy to rust, it will do a degreasing and rust removal treatment, and then carry out a paint treatment to enhance the durability of the trash can.

3. Wooden outdoor garbage bins: There are pure wood, wooden strips, steel wood, anti-corrosion wood, etc., which are mainly used in scenic spots and will not conflict with the surrounding environment.

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